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From the "Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory", 1884-1885

[Note: Some names spelled incorrectly. Alternative spellings, if known, are within brackets]

ELY A village on the B., C.R. & N. Railway, in Putnam township, Linn county, 125 [185] miles from Des Moines, 15 south of Marion, the county seat, and 9 southeast of Cedar Rapids, the nearest banking point Settled in 1871, it contains a Methodist Episcopal church and public schools, and ships grain and produce.Population, 400. Tel., W.U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. J. Moorehead, postmaster.

  • Biss, F C, meat market
  • Cutler & Stansbury, physicians
  • Devault, J L, railroad and express agent
  • Devault J W, jeweler
  • Fuhrmeister & Wortishek, grain [Woitishek, Woitisek]
  • Hanus J. and Sons, undertaker
  • Healy L M, hotel, livery and meats
  • Holeck, Joseph, saddler [Holec or Holets]
  • Janko John, lumber
  • Jonas J. shoemaker
  • Krall Frank, general store
  • Kronek John, saloon
  • Lawrence J, hardware [Lorenc]
  • Lorence John, constable [Lorenc]
  • Moorehead J. Druggist, Grocer, Notary and Agent Telephone Co.
  • Neibert F, shoemaker
  • Poduska Frank, saloon
  • Stepanek J, blacksmith
  • Tichy Frank, saloon
  • Walanta W, harness maker [Valenta]
  • Wortishek Joseph, general store [Woitishek, Woitisek]
Joseph Woitishek

Joseph Woitishek was born in Moravia in 1837. In 1853 he and his family arrived in Galveston, Texas and made their way up the Mississippi, coming to Hoosier Grove (now Ely) in 1854. There he bought land and farmed. Later he operated a general store and was involved in the grain trade.
(Vavra Family Collection)


A village in Jefferson township, Johnson county, 180 miles east of Des Moines, 16 northwest of Iowa City, the county seat, 4 1/2 southwest of Ely, on the B., C.R. & N. Railway, the nearest railroad station, and 10 south of Cedar Rapids, the nearest banking point, from whence it recives a daily mail by stage. Settled in 1850, it contains Evangelical and United Brethren churches, a public school and ships grain and produce. Population, 125. Clay Bowersox, postmaster.
  • Albert Mrs. B, dressmaker
  • Albert Miss Ella, teacher
  • Albert Miss Emma, teacher
  • Bock Jacob, teacher
  • Bowersox Bros, sorghum mnfrs.
  • Bowersox Clay, General Store
  • Bowersox J S, teacher
  • Cars H, blacksmith [Carse]
  • Crowell Rev A (United Brethren)
  • Crowell Miss Lizzie, teacher
  • Crowell Mrs Mary, milliner
  • Curtis Albert, teacher
  • Fordice J K, barber
  • Frazee __, physician
  • Graham T, notary
  • Kepheart Rev. H (United Brethren) [Kephart]
  • Kepheart & Crowell, sorghum mnfrs. [Kephart]
  • Netoliksy V, saloon [Netolicky]
  • Potter Miss Etta, teacher
  • Pudil F, blacksmith
  • Verba Anton, constable [also Vrba]
  • Walter Parris, book agent
  • Williams Miss Bell, teacher
  • Williams C C, carpenter
Henry Carse

Henry Carse was a a blacksmith in Shueyville for 58 years. He was born in Wayne County, Ohio in 1832 and came to Shueyville in the 1860s. (ECHS Collection)

Clay Bowersox

Clay Bowersox was born in 1857 and reared near Shuevyille. He attended Western college, taught school and farmed. He operated the general store in Shueyville starting in 1882. (ECHS Collection)


An incorporated town in College township, Linn county, 180 miles east of Des Moines, 15 southwest of Marion, the county seat, and 9 south of Cedar Rapids, the nearest railroad station and banking point, from whence it received a daily mail by stage; fare, 25 cents. Settled in 1855, it contains a church of the United Brethren, and ships grain produce, and live stock. Population 200. I. N. Potter, postmaster

  • Anderson T B, carpenter
  • Ballenbaugh G W, constable [Bollenbaugh]
  • Ballenbaugh M, hotel propr. [Bollenbaugh]
  • Jansa F & J, boots and shoes
  • Johnston E, teacher
  • Johnston J Y, justice and notary public
  • Kaufman Jacob, notary public
  • Lindsey Rev J (United Brethren)
  • Nesmith J H, insurance agt.
  • Potter I N, General Store
  • Slansbury G W & Culler, physicians [Stansbury]
  • Snyder G W, hardware
  • Stewart A F, mngr J B Marin & Co's creamery
  • Stirsky A & Son, boots and shoes
  • Vavricek Anton, blacksmith and feed mill [Vavrichek]
Moses Bollenbaugh

Moses Bollenbaugh and his wife Sarah (Miller) settled in Western College about 1857. He was the town's first postmaster and operated a hotel there for twenty-five years. He and his wife were married for over 70 years. (Leo & Irma Modracek Collection)