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Tour of Dows Street Historic District


The easternmost section of the tavern was originally Hanus &Sons Cabinet Shop which included casket making and undertaker services, active from 1895 to 1919. Across the alley to the west of the tavern is a residence with a boom town front which was once Roztocil's General Store. It has a residential addition, often a feature of mixed use in small town commercial districts.

Across from the Post Office on the north side of Dows Street you will notice a row of wood frame commercial buildings with boom town fronts and cornices supported by brackets, so typical of late Victorian commercial architecture in the Midwest. Although they are plain and modestly sized, as was the Bohemian, or Czech way, it is unusual for so many of these buildings to have survived into the 21st century.

South Side Dows 1910-1915

South side of Dows Street looking east, circa 1910-15. Roztocil's General Store, right; the tavern/cabinet shop to the east across the alley.

South Side Dows 2004

The same view in 2004, the tavern in blue. Note the residential addition to the right of "Roztocil's Store".

On the southeast corner of Dows and Walker is Ely's fist bank, built in 1902 by J.H. Smith &Sons, and continuing as a bank under various owners until 1988. The cornice reveals that underneath the siding is brick, a building material befitting the status of a financial institution.

Ely Bank

Ely Bank, southeast corner of Dows &Walker Sts.

Ely Bank 2004

The same building in 2004. A small addition was added on the right end of the building.

Dows Corner

On the left, Ely Bank, the blacksmith shop and a general store.

Dows Corner 2004

In 2004 part of the "blacksmith" shop sits across the alley from the apartment building on the right.


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