Building in Ely

Information about building permits and utility services provided by the City of Ely.

To update information, add or delete to the listings presented, please contact City Hall.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for all construction, renovation, additions or improvements to your home, accessory building or business. To get a building permit approved, you will need to:

  1. Collect background information. If you are building a new building the information should include: lot size, how far the building will be from your property lines, building size and who your general contractor will be. You will need most of the same information for additions to existing buildings. You should check the Ely Zoning Ordinance to verify how far from your property lines the building has to be.


    1. Get the Building Permit Application Form and information about the energy efficiency standards that apply for new construction and additions (available online or at Ely City Hall).
      1. To download online version of application, click appropriate link below:
        1. Electrical Permit Application
          1. Solar Permit Application
        2. Maintenance Permit Application
        3. Mechanical Permit Application
        4. Plumbing Permit Application
        5. R1-Building Permit Application
        6. Fence Permit Application
    2. Energy Code Requirements & Energy Code Sign Off
    3. Complete the forms (Be sure that all applicable fields are filled out).
    4. Bring the forms to the City Hall or email the form to the Building Official:
    5. Submit payment to Ely City Hall – by mail to P O Box 248, or hand deliver to the City Office at 1570 Rowley St.
    6.  If you do not receive the permit within two weeks, follow up via telephone, email, or in person during regular working hours

Street and Zoning Maps

Click to view the Ely Street Map.

Click to view the Ely Zoning Map.

Sewer Hookups

The process for acquiring a sewer hook up is as follows:

  1. Collect background information including address and lot dimensions.
  2. Get the Building Permit Form (You can pick up this form in the City Hall).
  3. Complete the form (Be sure that all fields are filled out.)
  4. Bring the form to the City Clerk’s office or email the form to the Building Inspector.
  5. Submit payment to the City of Ely, by mail to P O Box 248, or hand deliver to 1570 Rowley St The sewer hookup fee is $350.00

If you do not receive the permit within two weeks, follow up via telephone, email, or in person during regular working hours.

Sewer Problems

Residents experiencing slow drains, sewers, and/or sewer backups are encouraged to call City Hall at 848-4103, or on weekends and after office hours at 848-7603, as soon as possible. A random blockage in the City’s main may be creating the problem. Public Works will check the main and clean any blockages in the main. Blockages located in the home sewer system are the responsibility of the homeowner. Ely has a scheduled inspection and maintenance program. Please be aware that, according to case law, municipalities cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from sewer back-ups if they maintain an inspection and maintenance program.