Capital Improvement Plan


September 30, 2020


Capital Improvement Plan: Documents

Capital Improvement Plan: Initial Overview

July 20, 2020

In May, the City of Ely hired a new City Administrator, Adam Thompson. By mid-June a proposal was presented to Staff outlining a Capital Improvement Program plan. In July, a formal presentation was presented to all Ely City Council members at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. 

Capital improvement planning is the planning, coordination and scheduling of public physical improvements for a community over a period of years. The scheduling is developed according to priorities based upon need, desire and importance of such improvements to the community within constraints of the city’s ability to finance as well as implement and administer the projects. As such, the Capital Improvement Plan is legislative and management tool to facilitate the scheduling, planning and execution of series of public improvements over a five-year period.

A Capital Improvement Project is defined as any major, non-recurring expenditure, or any expenditure for physical facilities in excess of $25,000. Examples of a CIP include construction or rehabilitation of public facilities and public works; and site or other improvements such as streets and alleys, sewers, drainage facilities and park and recreation facilities, etc.

Elected officials, citizens and city staff will participate in the development of the Capital Improvements Plan. Citizen involvement opportunities will be provided by various public meetings prior to the adoption of the program and the budget preparation and adoption process necessary to implement the upcoming capital budget. 

All proposed projects will be described using the Project Identification Forms to facilitate fair evaluation. The Project Identification Forms summarize the following information: project description, purpose of project, estimated cost and future financial burdens or savings resulting from the project.

A more in-depth proposal, including the CIP presentation made to Council, the official CIP City document, as well as the upcoming CIP schedule can be found at the following link. This is an important program that the City will be looking for active community involvement throughout the entire process. City staff and Council will work diligently to provide a wide variety of involvement opportunities for residents, both in person and remotely.