Citizen of the Year


Jim Miller Ely Citizen of the Year


Jim Miller has been an Ely resident since 1968. While in Ely, he has served on the Board of Adjustments, Airport Zoning Commission and 6 years on City Council. He has been a member of the Fire Department since 1976 and is curator of the Ely Fire Department Museum. Jim has been a member of the local Horseman’s Club since 1951 and is a past member of the Ely American Legion.

In 1968 Jim organized Ely’s first Fourth of July Parade for the Children of Ely and subsequently ran the parade for 31 years.

Jim’s dedication and desire to serve the community is easily recognized by the citizens who live here. His compassion and unselfish caring for the City of Ely and it’s residents, is why we have named our Citizen of the Year Award in his name.

This award serves to recognize and promote individuals in our community that go above and beyond in helping to make Ely such an amazing place to live. The Ely Citizen of the Year award will be presented annually to one resident who has been nominated by a community member and selected by a committee.



The nominating committee is looking for citizens of Ely who demonstrate a well-rounded and deep-rooted commitment to family and community. Nominees must be Ely community members with a record of participation in community service and/or civic involvement, not including accomplishments directly related to the candidate’s employment.

Those wishing to nominate individuals for the Jim Miller Citizen of the Year Award must submit an official online nomination, which includes a write up describing the nominee’s background and qualifications for this award. Those having previously nominated candidates for the Jim Miller Citizen of the Year award may re-nominate a candidate by sending an updated nomination letter along with a nomination form. All selections are made without regard to race, color, creed, age or national origin.

Award recipients will be announced in January and a celebration recognizing the Citizen of the Year recipient and Ely’s dedicated volunteer base will take place in February. In the event no public submissions are made, the selection committee may choose to make the nomination or the year may go without an award recipient.


  • A track record of volunteerism and public service to the City of Ely, citizens of the Ely and/or the surrounding community.
  • A person who has made a positive difference to the lives of fellow residents.
  • Someone who is dedicated to Ely and concerned for others.
  • A person who has shown a willingness to work with other Ely residents and who is enthusiastic about our community  and its citizens.
  • A person with the qualities of generosity, honesty and integrity along with a selfless attitude to serve the needs of others.
  • Nominee must be a current Ely resident.

Completed Nominations Include:

  1. Electronic Nomination Form (below)
  2. Any additional documentation or references to support nomination


If you would prefer to fill out a paper copy, stop by Ely City Hall or download the printable version by clicking here. To submit:

  • Email:
  • Mail: Po Box 248 Ely, IA 52227
  • Drop off in Person: 1570 Rowley Street Ely, IA 52227

The deadline for submitting a nomination is Thursday, December 31, 2020.

Previous Award Recipients
2020 Cheryl Krob
2019 Jeff Hilleman
2018 Jim Miller
“Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer”
– Author Unknown