Downtown Ely

Downtown Ely“Ely is an impressive, well-kept small town whose demographics and perhaps image has changed fairly dramatically over the years. A younger population is locating in recently built housing developments in Ely due to its proximity to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. The median age, household size and household income are all greater than the state average. The impact of this can be shown in many ways. This is beginning to happen in the downtown with a budding collection of cool, small businesses: gifts, brewery, bakery, bar & grill, creamery, massage spa, hair salons, art studio and so much more!

Other strengths include an active Library, a renovated School House into the current City Hall/Community Center, four excellent parks, a supportive city government, a local incentive programs, interesting downtown (boomtown style) buildings and an obvious attention to detail that makes the community look good! Our downtown truly has a small-town, quaint feel. You know when you are in downtown Ely. The bike trail creates opportunities for business, visitor exposure, and events.

As our city attracts more visitors and potential home owners, our team cannot help but think that future success stories will continue to happen in Ely. Given the local enthusiasm and commitment, there will be new business development and design improvements that will make Ely an even more desirable place to live and raise a family!