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Historic Photo Gallery

Below is a small sampling of the large photo collection contained in the Ely Community Historical Society Archives. Many old photos that people do not wish to donate have been scanned digitally. If you have old photos from the Ely, Western, or Shueyville area that you wish to donate or have scanned, please contact us.

Reprints of old photos can be ordered from the archives collection for a small fee. See a listing of over 600 photos now in our collection. (.pdf file)

Rogers Grove Church

Rogers Grove Church, (about 1915) once located where Rogers Grove Cemetery stands on Ivanhoe Road northeast of Ely. (Preservation Commission Collection)

Rogers Grove School

"Our Early Settlement &Development" is near the kitchen on the lower level of the Community Center.

Prairie Ridge School

"To Our West" is located to the left of the above display and highlights history from the Shueyville and Western areas, including the College of Western.

1909 School House

The Dows Street District display is located in the hallway as you walk toward the City of Ely offices.

First Bohemian &Moravian Brethren Church

Located in the stairwell is our first permanent wall display focusing on history of the schools of Ely.

Shueyville General Store

Located in the upper floor hallway next to the Archive Room, this display feat ures architectural styles of some older homes in Ely.

Dance in Ely 1899

This clock advertises Joseph Lorenc's Drug Store which was once located on Dows Street in Ely. It hangs on the north wall of the stairwell.

Western College

In the upstairs hallway are two original desks from the Ely School, as well as a Ely High School girls basketball uniform.

A Bohemian Band

Our newest display features the military history of our area and is located in the large meeting room on the lower level, to the right on the stairs.

School Children 1888

School children in Western, 1888 (Volesky/Jansa Collection)

L.J. Palda C.S.P.S. Lodge

The L. J. Palda C.S.P.S. Lodge in Western was organized about 1890/91 and later moved to Swisher, Iowa (unknown year for photo) (Volesky/Jansa Collection)

Ely Map 1875

Above is a pieced-together map showing the area around Ely from the 1875 A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Sate of Iowa. Click the picture to enlarge it to a 228 KB .jpg image.