Limb Pickup / Compost


Compost Bunker Policy

Effective 10/29/18: The compost pile is no longer at the Public Works Sewer Plant off of Vista Road. It has permanently moved to 370 Jappa Road (the water tower site).

  1. Yard and garden waste may be taken to the compost bunker all year round
  2. NO sticks, twigs or branches are permitted in the compost pile (please see curbside limb pickup below)
  3. When dropping off load, dump waste as far back into the bunker as you can get
  4. Use caution when entering and exiting the water tower site off of Jappa Road
  5. Questions can be directed to 319-848-4103




When taking lawn waste to the compost pile it creates a large amount of work for staff and also secondary services are hired to haul away the excess which costs Ely taxpayers. While Ely City Council realize the benefits of providing a compost drop site, a goal this year is to reduce the amount of lawn waste being dropped at the site. The year the city is promoting the advantages of mulching your lawn and leaves.



Curbside Limb Chipping

  1. Brush and limbs will be picked up at your curb by the City of Ely Public Works Department every Tuesday starting at 8am during the months of April – October at no charge.
  2. All limbs must be cut to a length not to exceed 8’ and must be less than 6’’ in diameter.
  3. All limbs must be trimmed of their smaller branches.
  4. All limbs and brush shall be placed by the curb in a neat pile.
    1. Please avoid one large pile but rather put in smaller piles for easy hand pickup.
  5. DO NOT tie or bundle brush together. Simply place them in a pile at curbside.
  6. All brush and limbs will be chipped on site and may leave a small amount of debris. The homeowner will be responsible to “sweep” this up occasionally.
  7. This service is not intended for the removal of an entire tree but for trimmings only.
    1. If you are removing an entire tree, you should arrange to have it removed and hauled away.
    2. In the case of a wind storm or an emergency event, this policy may be changed to accommodate the extra material.
  8. DO NOT place leaves, garden waste or grass clippings at your curbside, they will NOT be picked up. 
    1. These items can be taken to the compost bunker up near the water tower, located at 370 Jappa Road. 
  9. If your limb/brush pile does not follow the guidelines listed above, it will not be picked up or chipped by the City.
  10. Questions can be directed to City Hall at 319-848-4103.