Mobile Food Units


Ely City Council is considering a new ordinance to set guidelines in place for Mobile Food Units. The first readings on the ordinance will take place on Monday May 11, 2020. To review the proposed ordinance, view the downloadable version below. To discuss the topic in more detail, contact the Ely Administrator, Council Members or Mayor.

Background provided by Mayor Miller: “Residents and business owners attended the February council meeting and the general consensus is that they would like guidelines for food trucks to help eliminate gray areas. Often when food trucks are coming to town the owners of the food truck contact city hall and ask what the ordinance is and the city does not have one to share. By putting this in place it makes sure food trucks have the proper insurance, are up to date on current health codes and have properly notified surrounding property owners before setting up. I feel we all agree food trucks bring variety to the community, however we need to make sure there is a standard in place so it is done in a safe and consistent manner.”

Ordinance 286 Mobile Food Units