Planning and Zoning


The Ely Plan and Zoning Commission works with the City Council to plan the way land is used and developed in Ely. The P & Z advises the City Council on planning, zoning and subdivision matters such as zoning and subdivision requests and prepares and updates the Ely Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances for approval by the City Council.

To update information, add or delete to the listings presented, please contact City Hall.

Ely Planning News

County completed and adopted a City-County Strategic Growth Plan for the area within 2 miles of Ely city limits. This plan deals with the goals for use and development of land around Ely’s city limits, future land use areas, and development guidelines. Ely and Linn County adopted a strategic growth plan for the area within 2 miles of Ely city limits. The intent of the Strategic Growth Plan is to help Ely and Linn County coordinate land use planning, improve review of applications for rezoning, conditional use permits and subdivisions, and enhance review and consideration of development of land within 2 miles of Ely’s city limit.