Snow Reminders


Have you heard? Snow is in the forecast this weekend. Read below for helpful Ely snow related reminders:

– Sign up to receive City NIXLE notices via text message or email by texting 52227 to the number 888-777 OR find the widget at the bottom of the City website:

– Snow Emergencies in Ely: When predictions or a snow occurrence indicates the need, typically a two-inch threshold, the Mayor shall proclaim a snow emergency. Notices will be announced via local TV news channels, on city social media sites and through the NIXLE l text/email system. A snow emergency parking ban shall continue from its proclamation through the duration of the snow or ice storm and the 48-hour period after cessation of the storm. The exception is for streets that have been fully opened on both sides. Such emergency may be extended or shortened when conditions warrant.

– Vehicle Towing Policy: Our goal is to remove snow and ice from the streets safely and quickly. In order to do that, the Mayor may declare a snow emergency – at which time, vehicles must be removed from City streets, parking areas and alley ways. The Mayor, City Admin or a peace officer is authorized to remove, or cause to be removed, a vehicle from a street, public alley, public parking lot or highway when any vehicle is parked in violation of a ban. Violators of the snow parking ban will not be personally notified in advance of removal of a vehicle from a public street or alley.

– The City recommends purchasing 4’ orange snow stakes (available at home improvement stores, or similar) and mark the edge of your curb along the street. This helps our snowplow drivers push snow as far to the edge as possible without getting into your lawn and causing damage.

– Drive slow, stay safe and enjoy the snow!