Special Event Parking


USSSA State Tournament Parking Information

The USSSA State Tournament will be back in City Park this weekend for their final round of games, Friday – Sunday. The City understands that there were parking issues last weekend due to lack of parking within City Park. A more permanent solution of a second parking lot was presented in the rough draft of the Capital Improvement Plan to Council at the meeting on Monday night. However, for the time being, staff and a handful of residents in the area who are directly impacted by the events at the park, have come up with the following remedies listed below that we believe will help alleviate potential parking headaches during this weekends tournament.

  • We are creating a temporary lot in the grass field north of the pond at City Park. This lot will be very large and should be able to handle quite a bit of the traffic for the tournament. Cars will access the lot from North Gate Drive.
    • Traffic will briefly cross over the bike trail before entering in the grass parking lot. There will be one way in and one way out lanes. A volunteer will be supervising the trail crossing.
    • We are stressing extreme caution to attendees and trail users that are crossing or passing by in the area. There will be multiple signs along the trail alerting cyclists of potential cars crossing.
    • There will be another volunteer helping direct traffic in the lot until it is full so they are able to pack as many cars in as possible. This temporary lot will put teams and fans MUCH closer to the ball diamonds than if they were utilizing on street parking. The tournament director is aware that this grass lot should be filled first so that there is minimal on street parking in the neighborhoods.
  • At the request of residents, for the weekend, Hillcrest Street will be converted to NO parking on both sides. This should help keep traffic flowing more smoothly at the park’s entrance and will allow emergency vehicles the ability to safely and quickly access the fields if needed.
  • We will be converting the first two spots in the parking lot at City Park into temporary 2 minute unloading zones for families to drop off equipment or elderly family members. This should help eliminate cars pulling into neighboring driveways to drop off chairs, people, coolers, etc.
  • Lastly, we will provide ‘Parking Lot Full’ signs for the City Park lot and the temporary lot to limit the amount of cars that are pulling in to check for open spaces.

The hope is that these solutions will help reduce traffic issues as a result of the tournament this weekend. The City understands that this is not a permanent solution, which is why a second lot was presented in the draft CIP presentation to Council on Monday.

The image below was sent to all teams participating in the tournament this weekend.