Updates to 2nd Quarter Expression 2020


NOTICE: The 2nd Quarter Ely Expression that was mailed to all residents this week has a few updates that we would like to clarify. This publication is produced weeks prior to being printed and mailed as it covers a 3 months span of time into the future. Because of this, cancelations to events have occurred due to COVID-19 and a few items have been updated regarding City services.

1. The Earth Day Park & Roadside Clean Up event has been cancelled (April 25)

2. The Plant Swap event has been cancelled (April 25)

3. City-wide Garage Sales are postponed (May 2)

4. The Fishing Event at City Park has been postponed to August 2 (May 3)

5. Ely Spring Clean up Day has been cancelled (May 16)

6. Limb Chipping will now take place on Tuesday mornings rather than Monday mornings. This announcement was made several weeks ago; however the Ely Expression was printed in March stating Monday’s.

We apologize about any confusion this may cause.