Fall Fest Volunteers



Ely is blessed with people who are willing to volunteer their time and energy to help make great things happen.

We need your help to put on an amazing Fall Fest.

Volunteer sign-ups are through the link below.

Click to volunteer


Ely Parks and Recreation Committee will be hosting a Prelude to Fall Fest Chili Dinner on Sunday September 15th from 5:00 – 6:30pm at the Ely American Legion. We invite all who have signed up to volunteer at Fall Fest to come out and celebrate, allowing us as a community to thank you for your time and effort in making our 10th annual the greatest year yet!

*** All members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend the Prelude Chili Dinner! Please sign up to bring your favorite chili or cornbread recipe by emailing: callie@elyiowa.com ***