Tree Removal Project in Ely

Ash Borer Impacts

The emerald ash borer has arrived in Ely. The City has partnered with Cy’s Tree Service out of Anamosa to remove ash trees on city property this spring. There are 70+ additional ash trees around town, especially in the Southbrook neighborhood. Over the next few weeks, Cy will be dropping off information to residents in Southbrook who have been identified as having an ash tree in the right-of-way. He will be delivering a letter (available to view below) produced by the City, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of grouping their tree removal with a larger city campaign - resulting in competitive pricing, due to the professional grade equipment they utilize.

The city is also inviting other residents around town who are interested in tree removal, to reach out to Cy’s Tree Service at 319-480-2309. The larger the project, the better the rate will be for everyone involved. To help reduce the cost, the city is allowing all the trees included in this project to be taken to Public Works. Large amounts of wood chips and/or trees for firewood will be available for free to interested residents.

If you would like to be included in this project, please reach out to Cy no later than March 15.

If you are interested in free wood chips, trees for firewood, or for more information, contact City Hall.

Ash Borer Letter to Residents