Services & Utilities

Front Desk will be a new utility billing software for the City of Ely. Residents are encouraged to visit the link provided during the month of November to set up their account. This new portal will allow residents to see their utility accounts in real time, at their finger tips.

This will be a mandatory requirement for utility account holders within the City of Ely.

Utility cccounts in Ely include the following services/charges:

  • Water/Sewer
  • Refuse (Garbage/Recycle)
  • Storm Water
  • Yard Waste

Utility bills are due by the 20th of every month. Payments can be made in either of the following ways:

  • Online at: Payment Portal
  • Mailed to: PO Box 248 Ely, Iowa 52227
  • In Person: Drop Box outside of 1570 Rowley Street Ely, Iowa 52227 or inside with the Deputy Clerk
  • Accepted at: Solon State Bank, 1540 State Street Ely, Iowa 52227

Late Payments:

  • Late charge of $10 for payments not received by the due date
  • 10 days past due date may result in loss of service
  • If water service is discontinued, there is a $65 fee to re-establish connection during business hours of 7am - 3pm and $100 after hours.

Ely's Utility Companies

To view a list of the utility companies that service the City of Ely, click here.